Canguo Liu, ART 259

Web & UX Design

Web interaction strategies and UX design for everyone!
Our uniquely designed UX course is artist friendly! 
  1. design and showcase your work/products on screen. 
  2. always learning new, faster, innovative, and easy solutions. 
  3. more attractive on the job market. 

Presents primary instruction in Web design and user experience (UX) and interactive design using Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge and other App mock-up software. Topics will cover the basic principles of web design and interactive design including the study of content structure, workflow, usability and testing; HTML5 and CSS3, responsive and dynamic design, WordPress, web hosting and FTP. 

Build portfolio for high-demand UX design field. 

UX learning focused on efficacy & speed.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to new development and conditions. 

UX Design Foundations

Week 1-3

Layout, navigation and visual design to build foundation of user interface design. 

Adobe XD skill +AI

Week 4-5

Learn UX concepts by use the robust next-generation of UX design tool, Adobe XD. 

Interactive Apps Design

Week 6-9

Intensive projects like redesign Spotify, HBO Max or other apps with your fresh ideas. 

UX Wireframes

Week 10-12

Build UX wireframes and test UX strategies, read and write use UX terminologies. 

Web Site Production

Week 12-13

Use advanced tools to build website, understand http, html, css and more.  

Digital Portfolio

Week 14-16

Build a digital portfolio use class projects and know more about seeking job opptunities. 

Contact & Office Hours


Canguo Liu

Canvas Message
within 24 hours weekdays

Online office hours are appintment based

Lab 7138

a newly upgraded lab that provides the latest digital tools for design and art!

Studio Hours (Projects)

Tuesday, Wednesday

Office Hours (In-Person)

Mon. - Thursday - 8-9 am
Monday 3-4pm

7137 or 7130

In-person and synchronous

In-person requires meetings in the lab.

ART 259 Learning Outcomes

Apply fundamental interactive design software operations.

Combine text and images with basic design competency using the elements and principles of interactive design.

Demonstrate knowledge of essential web and interactive design principles and elements of visual communication.

ART 259 Course Objectives

Demonstrate the creative use of Adobe Creative Cloud with a basic to intermediate level of competency.

Demonstrate the understanding of principles of web design, interactive design and user experience design.

Integrate Adobe Creative Cloud and other tools to explore alternative interactive design concepts and solutions for web and app design.

Analyze and apply the elements and principles of web design to create aesthetically successful interactive works.

Create and develop innovative, artistic, mixed media design works.

Employ online resources for continued skill development using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Analyze and apply inspiration, ideas and techniques from contemporary professional design works.

Evaluate and discuss interactive design works utilizing the vocabulary of professionals.

ART 259 Topics & Scope

Adobe XD Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse and interactive design workflow; website plan, interface; menus, CSS tools, panels, template, site navigation and keyboard shortcuts.

Principles of Web Design, responsive design, media-queries, HTML 5 and CSS3, user experience (UX) and user interface.

Planning, creating and testing website design, App mockup, prototyping E-Books and Interactive web-based interface, creatively combining text, images and multi-media to create successful visual communication user experience design.

Adobe Dreamweaver and interactive design resources and training.

Presentations of interactive design works by contemporary and historical professional designers.

things should know

Information, Policies and Support

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For in-person classes, we have designated the 7138 lab near Cuesta Gallery as the location. Each student will be assigned a computer device in the lab, which should be returned to the charging rack before leaving. The lab has been redesigned to offer flexible seating options, allowing you to sit or stand anywhere within or near the lab.

Our course content is designed to be at a moderate-easy difficulty level, taking into consideration that you may be a relative beginner when it comes to using certain applications for the first time. We provide comprehensive instruction and support to ensure a smooth learning experience for all students.

Canvas grading is not always equals your grade. Final Portfolio is key to success in a creative class. In-person classes don't use Canvas Grading. Read Cuesta Grading Policies. 

No textbook is required. We use a public website, our recorded demo videos, instruction pages and other digital resources. 

Course created with ADA compliance, other accommodations can be made such as extended time on exams. Don't hesitate to get in touch with DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services) at 805-546-3148.

Cuesta students are encouraged to direct all technical support inquiries to or visit Canvas Support.

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Academic honesty is essential to the academic community. Students expect Cuesta College faculty to be fair, truthful, and trustworthy. Faculty expect Cuesta College students to share these same values. 

A robust digital creative class needs to constantly change to reflects industry trends. Therefore, new learning materials will publish on each Monday, 9am. 

We use Canvas to host class materials. YouTube or other internet platforms may be used. Recommend to install Apps (iOS, Android) on your phone. 

Online classes are not inherently easier, and you should expect to spend at least as much time as you would on a course that meets face to face.

We will updates / announce weekly, via class updates or announcements. and timely feedback on student assignments; email, phone or messaging to individuals; and virtual office hours.

Your computer will need an internet connection to stream online videos from Canvas or other video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Adobe Creative Cloud icon

All graphic classes are digital-based and use Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.). Please use education discount purchase at $39.99/ 6 months from (if it still available). In-person student don't have to buy own software.

You will need a computer (Mac or Windows PC) that can run the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software at a reasonable speed. You can't compete in a class with tablets or phones. In-person student will access studio computers.